Allergic reactions from wasp stings: More and more stung people end up in clinics

Allergic reactions from wasp stings: More and more stung people end up in clinics

More people with allergic reactions to wasp stings in clinics
The wasp plague this year is hard on many people. In Berlin, many more people with allergic reactions after wasp stings had to be treated in clinics in the past few months.

More patients with allergic reactions
This summer, wasps seem to be particularly aggressive and numerous. It is always uncomfortable to be stung by the insects. The skin around the puncture site becomes red, becomes hot and swells. People with insect bite allergies face more serious complications. In Berlin, more and more people with allergic reactions after insect bites have been treated in the clinic in recent months. A spokeswoman for the Berlin Accident Hospital (UKB) told the German Press Agency: "This is the really big topic for us this year."

Inflamed stitches and shortness of breath
According to this, after stings of wasps and flies, patients often had not only a red and swollen puncture site, but also shortness of breath. In some people, inflamed stings are the reason for visiting the clinic. In the worst case, blood poisoning can even occur. According to the Charité, patients after wasp stings were also increasingly recorded. It is unclear why there are currently more patients with insect bites. "Rbb-online" announced that the rescue centers of the Vivantes hospitals only reported isolated cases. But they pointed out that younger patients in particular knew little about helpful home remedies. Health experts have warned in recent months that an insect venom allergy is often underestimated. Even though wasp stings can even lead to death in the event of allergies. (ad)

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