Shelf life: Check food supplies at home regularly

Shelf life: Check food supplies at home regularly

Food stocks should be checked regularly
Freshly prepared dishes usually taste best, but everyone has a - at least - a small supply of food at home. For example, if you don't have time to shop, pasta or canned goods can be very useful. But the expiry date should also be kept in mind for long-lasting products.

Check supplies regularly
Foodstuffs such as baked goods, pasta or canned food keep for a very long time and may therefore be kept longer. However, you should always check the supplies from time to time. For example, this can prevent older foods from moving further and further back on the shelf - and then eventually spoiling after a certain time. This has been pointed out by the consumer information service aid. Nevertheless, you don't have to throw food away too quickly. Only recently had TÜV Rheinland announced that many foods last longer than stated. The best before date is a "quality promise" of the manufacturer.

Throw away less food
The consumer information service aid recommends placing older goods in front so that they are used up next. For products such as muesli or dried fruit, it is good to look through or into the pack from time to time to see whether mold or pests are visible. By following such advice, the stock remains manageable, it ends up less in the trash, and unnecessary double purchases are avoided. Of course, this also saves money, but is particularly recommended for ethical reasons. According to a study by the University of Stuttgart, the Germans throw away an average of 82 kilograms of food a year. That is several million tons of food every year. At the same time, almost a billion people worldwide suffer from hunger and malnutrition. (ad)

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